Palm Fronds For Sale

We sell palm fronds year round from Florida for

  • wedding ceremonies,

  • special event decorations,

  • flower arrangements,

  • making crafts (there are several good video's on how to at,

  • special religious events and ceremonies

We grow acres full of beautiful palm trees and have leaves to sell year round.

Fresh Cut from our palm plantation in Florida

  Fan palm tips are usually brown. This is the natural way it grows.


12 to a bundle

Washingtonia Fan Palm Frond
Date Palm Fronds

These were sent from a customer of their beautiful
beach wedding.

Date Palm Fronds are cut fresh each morning and shipped to customers throughout the US.  Palm fronds are used by florist, handcrafters, theatrical, wedding and special event decor.

12 to a bundle

Palms for Thatching

Date Palm Fronds for Thatching Roofs

This picture was sent by a customer
enjoying their new tiki hut
Stripped Double Palm leaves are delivered in packages of 100 and are ready to be distributed at services.  

Palms leaves are fresh cut each day from our fields of palm trees in Florida.  These palm leaves are natural hues of green, yellow and brown.

Upon arrival, remove the palm leaves from the shipping box and store in a well ventilated, cool space.  The plastic bags will help the palm leaves retain their moisture and freshness. If you allow the palm leaves to freeze or dry out, they will turn golden brown color.

Palm Leaves for Weaving or for using in church services

Email me at berta  or call 813-763-5107 for info on purchasing palm leaves

We ship from Plant City, Fl (near Tampa) where we have a Palm Tree farm.  Feel free to call or write us for any questions.

These pictures were sent to us by a customer that
bought the stripped palm leaves.  She made the basket for a school project has quite a few instructional video's
on craft ideas.

1 box of 50, 50 sq ft approx. of palm fronds for thatching -  $98.00
You can choose Date Palm Fronds or Fan Palm Fronds

30"-36"    $75.00

12"-18"    $42.00

24"-30"   $63.00

18"-24"   $54.00

4 ft - $60.00
3 ft -  $48.00
5 ft - $75.00

24"-36"  $13.75

Date Palm Fronds for Thatching  $98.00
12"-24"  $12.50
Stripped leaves, we ship
100 per item.
For Unstripped leaves, we ship
50 per item and they are Not stripped. $13.00

Call us at 813-763-5107 or email

24"-36"  $13.00

Sizes and Prices